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A unique way to discover your true life’s purpose and make your life sing everyday, being inspired to create from living your passions and helping others along the way.


A Unique Approach

Food brings us together. And, getting creative in the kitchen shows you more about yourself and your potential than you can ever imagine. You are challenged to find new skills, and in my unique way of delivering this program, you’ll be inspired to step further into your own potential.

1 on 1 Mentoring

Identify & Take Action on Your Goals

Group Workshops

Get Creative in Collaboration & Be Inspired to Do More

Immersive Retreats

Find your passion and fulfill your purpose with my unique approach to uncovering your strengths and brilliance. Weekends of adventure, laughter and challenges to help you to find the courage to trust yourself.

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Doing Things Differently

Goals & Action

We’ll change the way you see goals and action so that you get off your bum, inspired and ready to create change.

Dreams & Aspirations

We never really know what we want. But, we do know what we don’t want (and what others’ expect from us). Using our unique approach, getting you in the kitchen and cooking, we’ll uncover your true dreams and aspirations!

Purpose & Fulfillment

We’ll get creative to uncover yours and create / start a business or find a new role that matches your truth.

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A Little of My Journey

Make Your Own Opportunities

An advocate for Social Justice and multi-award winning entrepreneur, I believe in creating a better life for all, using food as the vehicle for connection. Having impacted the lives of over 200 unemployed who are now independant and working, I’m CEO of Recipe4Change and Rowville Community Kitchen, which I started to feed bellies, not bins and to get people back into the workforce, where they are contributing and regain confidence and fulfillment in their lives.


Workshops & Retreats

Come and stir the pot, cook up a storm & learn more about yourself – you never know what you don’t know!

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